Red Shift Mastering is owned by engineer, musician and performer, James Livett.

With a long standing love of music, he developed this passion further through his college and University years, gaining much experience in auditory biology, acoustics, digital audio theory and its actual application in the production of music.

After gaining his Degree, James joined an audio development company specialising in sound content development for the toy industry.  He developed a skill for recording and directing voice talent, writing and producing music, and mastering audio for low sample rates and small speaker reproduction. He now oversees a busy audio studio, working with a number of large multinational corporations in the UK and US, including the BBC, Hasbro and Fisher-Price.

Outside of this corporate world James has had success with recording and performing in bands. The Standard Lamps, and The Reveals where he worked with the renowned producer Pete Smith (The Police, Sheryl Crow, Duran Duran, Stevie Wonder) on an album recorded at Millfactory Studios in Copenhagan. 

His most recent success has been performing with The Standard Lamps; touring with Britpop legends The Bluetones and supporting Paul Weller in Hyde Park. This culminated in being invited to a recording session at the famous Abbey Road Studios and supporting The Who on two UK Arena tours, playing to in excess of 140,000 people.

During this time he oversaw production of the band’s recorded output, including tracking, producing, mixing and mastering the majority of their releases. This experience has proven invaluable in refining his individual technique and process, now able to offer a bespoke service to other artists seeking advice with their projects. So was born Red Shift Mastering.