How should I send you my files?
Through my upload portal – fidbak.audio/redshiftmastering/fidbot

Alternatively, WeTransfer or Dropbox also work well, send to info@redshiftmastering.com

What format should I send my songs in?
24bit 44.1kHz or higher, stereo interleaved, WAV or AIFF. Please keep your project in the same sample rate it was recorded and mixed at.

What information do you need from me?
– Which file formats you need the files delivered in, WAV, MP3, sample rate, bit depth etc
– Which formats you intend to release your music, CD, streaming, cassette, vinyl etc
– How do you want your masters to sound? e.g. What do you like or dislike about your mixes. How loud do you want them to be? Do you have a favourite album reference you are trying to sound similar to?
– Any notes about track spacings, track order, songs that blend into one another, any special treatments on certain sections of songs, anything you feel needs to be fixed.

Do you offer vinyl or cassette mastering?
We are able to provide what is called a pre-master, that will have specific adjustments tailored to each of these mediums. This pre-master is sent to your cutting engineer or duplicator and will help them achieve the best sounding results.

Should the limiter be removed from my final mix?
Ideally yes, having plenty of headroom on the audio files gives us more control and flexibility. This applies also to stereo widening plugins and multi-band compressors on your master bus. Unless the way you have them set is crucial to your mix and the mix falls apart with them bypassed, it is probably best to leave this kind of processing to a mastering engineer.

Do you offer Stem Mastering?
Yes. Stem mastering is where you would export a number of stereo files for a given song, each one will be a different section of the mix. So you might have 4 ‘stems’, one for drums, one for bass, one for vocal, and another for everything else. If you are unsure with the balance of certain elements in your mix, this could be a good way to go as it gives us more flexibility to make tonal and level adjustments during mastering.

What are your payment terms?
We upload your masters to a secure online site where you can stream them in full quality. If you are happy with the files we ask that you please make payment by bank transfer (The account info will be on your invoice). On receipt of the money into the account we will enable downloading of the final files.

Do you offer mix advice/feedback?
Yes, we can prepare a writen document of suggestions for potential ways to better your mix, ahead of mastering.

What are ISRC codes?
ISRC codes are unique 12 digit track identification numbers which allow automated royalty reporting. These codes can be embedded in your CD master. In the UK you can get them from http://www.ppluk.com

What is a UPC code?
A UPC is a 12 digit identification number or barcode for your CD, it helps for cataloguing your release in retail. This can be embedded in your CD master. This will be provided to you by your CD duplicator firm.

What is a DDP?
This is a file delivery format for sending your master to a CD duplicator. It means you get a bit by bit accurate transfer of the audio, all the metadata embedded including artist and track names, ISRCs, UPC, CD text, track spacings etc

How many revisions are included in the price?
Two revisions are included in the price, any subsequent changes would be charged additionally.

Do you offer mixing as well?
Yes absolutley, just let us know what you need.